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This kid breaks my heart. Look at him being all excited “I’M A MIDDLE BLOCKER that’s so cool, i’m so happy”, but two seconds later his insecurity kicks in and he’s sure that’s what kenma, or anyone else, must think, that with his height he can’t be a middle blocker. he doesn’t even wait for kenma to say it, he just says it himself. BUT THEN KENMA’S LIKE NO I DON’T THINK THAT AND HINATA IS SO SURPRISED. LIKE, THIS KID DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IF HE’S A GOOD PLAYER OR NOT BUT HE BASICALLY TELLS HINATA THAT PEOPLE TALK A LOT BUT THEY DON’T KNOW SHIT. I LOVE THIS ANIME/MANGA BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT OVERCOMING DIFFICULTIES THAT PEOPLE DON’T BELIEVE YOU CAN OVERCOME, ONLY YOU KNOW YOUR OWN LIMIT, WHAT PEOPLE THINK DOESN’T MATTER, IT’S NOT THEIR PLACE TO DECIDE WHAT YOU CAN OR CAN’T DO, THAT’S ONLY UP TO YOU. 



also guest starring: Europe, horses, and thigh high boots

i havent watched or read attack on titan but i think i really captured some of its most important themes and images


kuroko no basuke is the epitome of sports anime. and by that i mean


it has every trope in the book



Yet another unrealistic standard of beauty


I didn’t expected that my volleygirls sketch would be that much appreciated, i mean, I wasn’t even planning posting them in the first place! w
v( ̄∇ ̄)
So, as a lot of people asked for more, i did some more, hope you’re gonna like it!
I also did a rough animation of the moment Suga is smacking off Tanaka’s hand ! w

Thanks everyone for following me!

Now I think I’ll concentrate a bit on Halloween 🎃 , I like this moment of the year, but halloween isn’t really celebrated where I live…

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Quiz



Which character are you?


1. Both shoujo manga and shounen manga are interesting but if you have to choose which will it be?
Shoujo manga -> go to Q2
Shounen manga -> go to Q3

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aomine in his amazing ass looking jacket